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Our mission is the repair of the hydraulic equipment commonly used by heavy duty trucks and the supply of the parts necessary for that job. We know power take-offs like the back of our hand and we can either design or repair not only the PTO, but your complete mobile hydraulic system.

We deliver daily in the St. Louis metro area and can ship via UPS within one day to most parts of Illinois and Missouri.

We work together closely with our sister company, Plaza Fleet Parts, located immediately adjacent to us, who provides service facilities for any truck requiring hydraulic equipment repairs as well as providing a complete inventory of parts for heavy duty trucks.

We provide the expertise for the hydraulic equipment and Plaza Fleet insures that it is correctly installed. We service many dump trucks and trailers and understand the needs of independent operators. We also have the capability of serving the needs of entire fleets of refuse trucks, roll-offs, tank trucks, and a wide range of utility trucks including wreckers, snow plows, aerial bucket trucks, and any other truck requiring auxiliary power for equipment such as pneumatic blowers, air compressors, liquid transfer pumps, vacuum pumps, and generators.


Authorized Factory dealer

Hydraulic Reservoirs

Muncie Power Products’ offers premium quality reservoirs that are designed to meet most hydraulic system needs. With several material choices including aluminum, steel and polyethylene, our reservoirs come in a wide variety of hydraulic sizes and shapes. Whether you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-install tank or a strong aesthetic reservoir, we have an option to complete your hydraulic system.

Power Take Off Units

Embrace product versatility with Muncie Power Products’ 6 and 8 bolt power take-offs. Featuring several different series, our 6 and 8 bolt power take-offs can be configured to meet torque and horsepower requirements of most applications. Muncie Power’s 6 and 8 bolt power take-offs are available in mechanical shift or clutch shift. No matter the requirements you face, we’ve got the 6 and 8 bolt PTO to meet your application needs

Hydraulic Pumps

Muncie Power Products’ gear pumps/motors are available in a wide variety of pump sizes and designs. With bushing design, roller bearing design and the availability to fit small to high flow rates, our pumps are designed to improve system reliability. Whether your application requires a bi-rotational feature or a belt driven clutch pump, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Other Products That We Represent


STAC, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing the highly successful line of THERMAFLOW hydraulic coolers since the early 1990's. Today, we have THERMAFLOWS designed to fit every vehicle type, hauling any kind of product, for any industry. We even have 2 THERMAFLOWS that are patented for the propane bobtail industry. For information on specific THERMAFLOW hydraulic coolers, click on the image above.

Air Power Systems

The APSCO DM series actuators are specifically designed air actuators used to control the opening and closing of a hydraulic valve or operating dump pumps. Metering Air actuators provide a real, cost effective alternative to cable controls, which save labor and cost both at installation and by eliminating the service and maintenance issues associated with cable controls. APSCO offers the DM series with or without metering (Proportional control).


Paragon Tank Truck Equipment Company provides a full range of liquid and dry bulk products and system solutions. Paragon specializes in designing systems to fit the changing truck chassis configurations, working directly with the top truck manufacturers. Paragon has everything you will need, from basic pneumatic liquid off-loading equipment, including oil free air for sensitive materials to complex truck systems that need multiple vocational work functions for both liquid and dry bulk.

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